Orbit Homes’ founders live in Malibu and are dedicated to helping people move back to their land after the fires.

For Malibu residents, we offer a free initial site and route assessment, free feasibility study and a higher scheduling priority.
We will walk you through the whole process:
  • Final clean up / Debris removal
  • Determining your septic functionality
  • Preparing and submitting your housing permits with Malibu City Hall
  • Reinstating utilities
  • Delivery & Installation

Your ADU can be installed on a temporary foundation until your main home is rebuilt

Once your main residence is complete, you can choose one of 3 options:
  • Reinstall your prefabricated home on a permanent foundation, making it into a guest house or a rental.
  • Resell the unit. Our homes are built to federal and California code in the factory.
  • Donate the unit to a charity, a family in need or a disaster relief program.