Our history and purpose

We are a family in pursuit of a good life – spending time outdoors, exploring, gathering with loved ones, and on a path toward living in balance with the earth. As an extension of our pursuit, we create contemporary homes with floor plans maximizing outdoor enjoyment and entertainment space.

We discovered the HUD manufactured building code after years of work in traditional stick-built construction, custom remodeling and off grid housing projects in Costa Rica and California. The HUD code was originally focused on homes with wheels that were easy to relocate. From travelers and workers living in gypsy wagons and surfers following the swell, van life evolved into RVs, mobile homes and into today’s precision engineered manufactured homes that meet the strictest federal codes.

ORBIT Homes is reimagining this unique building code, a code that allows us to construct an entire home inside a factory. With contemporary style, high end materials and an open concept design, our homes are attainable, produce less waste during construction, are faster to build and require less time on location.

We believe the future of housing should be beautiful, functional and reasonably priced, creating the conditions for you to live your best life. With the goal of enhancing day-to-day experiences, we push boundaries, creating tailored solutions to the needs of today, as we strive to leave a lasting positive impact on people’s lives and the world we inhabit.